John Anderson Beavers is a director of photography.  Below are some testimonials from recent collaborators:

John’s partnership with me is rooted deep. We have a long history of effortless congruent thinking when it comes to cinema, story and aesthetics and this has translated over the years into many great Director/DP working experiences. His poise and confidence on set is inspiring yet his humility in execution speaks volumes. He is a quiet storm, building this body of stunning work under the radar. He is bred for longevity and true maturity as a filmmaker and I am incredibly proud as both a friend and colleague to be part of his story. Do not miss an opportunity to work with John. In an era of style and no substance, John’s cinematography transcends both. He is creating a new language between the lines. One that is all his own.


Cory Pampalone director, Storytellers Anonymous 

John Anderson Beavers is a wizard. He doesn't actually have a long grey beard and teach at Hogwartz. Though he does have a pleasant British accent. He is however a wizard with a camera and lens. He can take a quick discussion and make magic out of it. I've worked on a number of things with him and I consider him a great friend that also happens to elevate everything we work on together. 

Chad Thompson director, Yeah Haus

A gifted cinematographer who has an eye for the stunning, it’s difficult to overstate John’s ability to create breathtaking imagery and foster fresh ideas. With vision, passion and humanity, John is a rare, charismatic and approachable talent that inspires those who work alongside him. Truly an artist at his craft, I eagerly look forward to what he shows us next. 

Eric Litwin motion/VFX designer, producer





John has a beautiful, minimal eye and a knack for composition. He’s a problem solver, and is always willing to engage with me, fully grasp and appropriately supplement my vision. On set, his calm cadence makes him a pleasure to work with - he helps put crew and talent at ease. John is one of my go-to DP’s - his experience shows, and I always look forward to working with him. 


Andy Madeleine director, photographer

John is a phenomenal collaborator and an artist with the camera and light. He translates creative ideas into compelling, rich imagery, propelling and transforming narrative visions. Throughout the production process, John leads through professionalism and commitment to crafting the best product possible. I absolutely relish opportunities to work together, knowing that any production would benefit greatly from both his experience and talent.

Ben Friedman producer





For 10 years I've had the opportunity to collaborate with John. He is a true artist. He brings greatness to every image he composes.


Keith Thompson, actor, writer, composer and musician



JOHN ANDERSON BEAVERS | DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY   |   248.515.4428   |   john@johnandersonbeavers.com